2017 Genoa Cowboy Festival Poster Artwork

Cowboy Festival Poster ArtworkAbout the Artist

JT Humphrey was born in Florida, raised in Southern California, retired from Verizon Communications, and now with his wife, Malinda, have found their home in Carson Valley, Nevada.

“My passion has always been wildlife and the outdoors, from viewing, to protecting, to capturing those shots that I envision in my head, and to share those photos for others to enjoy and learn from.

“For the past forty years I have played with photography, shooting family, military air shows, wildlife, and events, but for the past six years I have become very aware of the wildlife in Carson Valley.

“Much of my wildlife exposure has been in Yellowstone National Park, working with rangers, biologists, geologists, naturalists and researchers over a thirty year period.

Running Paint — This band of young mustangs were just frolicking around and enjoying Springtime in the Stagecoach area. One reason to be very careful around mustangs, when they are playing, (or fighting), they are oblivious to their surroundings, and may not see you until it's too late.

“My main focus when shooting is safety and preservation of my subjects, many of which are eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons, which bring unique considerations for their well being.”

(JT's photograph, “Running Paint” is shown (above right) as cropped for the Cowboy Festival poster.)

2017 Genoa Cowboy Festival Poster

GCF 2015 Poster

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