Tony Argento

Tony ArgentoCowboy poet, humorist, story teller, historian, entertainer, public speaker, writer, emcee an’ ambassador of cowboy poetry. Tony was introduced to cowboy poetry from his Granddad. From that point forward, he began reciting at age 5 in ’65 with his first memorized poem, “The Devil’s Tail” by Gail Gardner.

Tony calls his "style o’ recitin,’ Tuned Up and Twisted." Once you see him perform, you’ll know why. A common statement heard from the audience is, “He’s quite animated.” He does voice animation, vocal sound effects and makes good use of props.

Tony says, “Once you get a transfusion of ‘cowboy poetry’ in your blood, you’ll be hooked for life. That’s what happened to me. An’ YES! It’s VERY contagious!”

Tony’s line-up includes: Classic, patriotic, humor, rodeo, gunslingers an’ drifters, novelty, original, gold rush, solemn an’ more. In addition, he does Civil War recitations such as the Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln’s favorite second Inaugural Address. He also recites the most famous letter from the Civil War.

Tony's accolades include: 2011 winner of both events from the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gatherin, The “Kamikaze Cow” poetry/song/story contest, and the “Overall Audience Entertainment Value” competition (voted upon by the audience).

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