Dake House

The Nature Conservancy's Whit Hall Interpretive Center at the River Fork Ranch.

Visitors meet here a little before 8 p.m. to prepare for viewing the stars.

CLICK HERE for a Map to the River Fork Ranch.

Astronomical Society of Nevada

The ASN prides itself on its varied activities, whether it is a public star party or private gathering. Members gather for monthly meetings, star parties, or any event that offers an excuse to pull out telescopes. The ASN involves itself in many public events. Star parties for events and schools are always well attended.

The ASN has ventured sometimes more than 100 miles to present the heavens to budding astronomers in the outlying areas of the state. Members gather for dark sky observation at several sites on a regular basis. These gatherings allow members to explore their own interests from galaxies to nebulas and are always open to interested persons.

For more information about ASN, please visit their website: www.astronomynv.org

ASN on FacebookOr become a member of the ASN Facebook Group page: facebook.com/groups/AstronomicalSocietyNV

**NOTE: The River Fork Ranch is a somewhat rough and primitive with dirt/gravel roads, parking and dirt paths with a few concrete walkways. Spring temperatures at night can drop into the 30s, but usually average in the high 40s and low 50s. Be prepared to wear layers of clothing to allow for cool or warm weather. Also be prepared for muddy or dusty conditions.**


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